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Cash Car Wreckers is one of the top paying cash for cars Adelaide company. We have years of experience in buying and removing all types of used, damaged, broken, junk, scrap, totalled, and wrecked vehicles.So, if you live in Adelaide and have an unwanted car that you want to get rid of, contact us or call us instantly.

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    How Does Our Cash for Cars Service Work?

    Our car body removal Adelaide process is the easiest. Follow these simple steps and schedule your free vehicle pickup from anywhere in Adelaide.
    • Fill up the online form with your name, email, number, suburb, vehicle details, and submit it to us.
    • We will offer you an obligation-free cash quote.
    • Accept the quote, and we will book your car removal slot
    We are glad to let you know that we offer free car removal Adelaide. Whether you live in an outer suburb of Adelaide or an inner suburb, we will come to your place, pick up the vehicle, and pay you top cash for cars Adelaide.

    When To Use Adelaide Cash for Cars Service

    The main functioning part of a vehicle is damaged

    There are times when a major operational part of the vehicle stops working. If you have a car with a damaged engine, broken exhaust system, or faulty transmission, get in touch with us. We will purchase all vehicles with electrical or mechanical damage and make you an offer for them within 24 hours.

    The main functioning part of a vehicle is damaged
    Old Cash for Cars Adelaide

    When the car is working fine but is old

    Got any old car that you no longer use? Or any vehicle which is past its prime and spends most of its time parked in the garage? If so, Cash Car Wreckers offer you an opportunity to get rid of it and get up to $9,999 in exchange. Along with that, we also provide FREE car removal from anywhere in Adelaide.

    To prevent air pollution

    Cars with faulty exhaust systems or damaged catalytic converters are one of the main reasons for air pollution in cities. If you have an old vehicle with similar problems, the best thing you can do is sell it. Cash Car Wreckers is a reliable car buyer who offers fair prices and complimentary car towing for all vehicles.

    cash for scrap car adelaide
    If you have a car with a ruined interior that works fine

    If you have a car with a ruined interior that works fine

    We purchase all shapes, sizes, and conditions of vehicles in Adelaide and use them for parts and recycled steel. So it doesn’t matter to us what the vehicle’s interior is like. As long as the body of the car is intact and has working parts, we are ready to pay you up to $9,999 in instant cash.

    Cash for Scrap Cars in Adelaide

    We are well aware of the adverse effects dumping old and unwanted cars in landfills has on the environment. That is why we, as an environmentally conscious business offers our customer a chance to do their part in preserving the planet.With our eco-friendly disposals, more than 90% of the parts and components of the car gets reused or recycled. That leaves only a small percentage of waste that is sent to the dumping grounds.All our processes are operated according to the Australian Government’s standard. This helps to ensure that the quality of service we provide remains consistent. Contact us today to sell your scrap vehicle for top cash for cars in Adelaide.

    Cash for Scrap Cars in Adelaide

    What Type of Cash for Car Services Do We Provide

    Cash for Old Cars

    If the car you own is an old model and is no longer in use, then the best thing you can do is sell it. However, we understand that selling old cars and getting a good price is difficult. That’s why if you choose to sell your unwanted vehicle to us, you can receive guaranteed cash for cars in Adelaide up to $9,999.

    Cash for Damaged cars

    Have a vehicle that has been in an accident? Cars that are damaged in such incidents are no longer safe for driving. So, instead of abandoning them on the side of the road, sell them to us and receive the highest cash offer for your vehicle. With our services, you also get an opportunity to know the value of your car right from your home by filling out our quote form.

    Cash for Used cars

    Whether they are in roadworthy or non-roadworthy condition, all types of used cars are eligible for our services. We buy all makes and models of vehicles and make the most competitive offers for them. In addition, all the vehicles we buy are reused and recycled by our wreckers, which helps preserve the environment.

    Cash for Unwanted Cars

    Cars, like any machinery, lose their efficiency over a period of time. So as more advanced and safer models enter the market, it is the right choice to replace your vehicle with a newer one. And as for the older unwanted cars, you can sell them to us.

    We Buy All Cars For Cash Adelaide

    Worried about where to sell a broken used car? Cash Car Wreckers is your one-stop solution.We are car buyer Adelaide who buy all makes and models of vehicles. Look at the few examples of vehicles that we commonly buy:
    If you have a vehicle is not mentioned above, please get in touch with us via a call, text message, or email, and we will guide you further.

    Get Cash For Scrap Cars Adelaide Now

    We offer the best scrap car removal Adelaide service. And we buy all types of scrap cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, SUVs, Utes, 4WDs, and pay cash for scrap cars up to $9,999.We have modern and licensed scrapyards where we dismantle and recycle vehicles. We have a skilled team of car wreckers in Adelaide who safely dispose of all the hazardous fluids and salvage all the working auto parts.If you have a scrap car with severe damages or your car only has a few dings with some broken auto parts, consider selling it to us if its repair cost is far more than its actual market value.
    Collision Damage
    Scratches & Dents
    Frame Damage
    Transmission Issue
    Weather Damage
    Bumper Damage
    Suspension Damage
    Cracked Windshield
    Fluid Leakage
    Busted Engine
    Failed Thermostat
    Clogged Filter
    Please note these are few characteristics of a scrap car. Do not worry. Even if your car is broken into pieces and is unroadworthy, we will pay cash for scrap cars Adelaide up to $9,999.

    Why Choose Cash Car Wreckers?

    • We are dedicated, honest, and provide the best customer service
    • Follow all the regulations of eco-friendly scrap car disposal
    • We work around the clock and will come to you anywhere in Adelaide
    • Offer the highest Cash for Cars And Cash for Trucks Adelaide regardless of the condition
    Cash For Cars Adelaide

    We Provide Service In The Following Areas

    • Beverley
    • Wayville
    • Malvern
    • Elizabeth 
    • Bowden
    • Fitzroy
    • Marden
    • North Adelaide
    • Prospect
    • Para Hills
    • Golden Grove
    • Broadview
    • Hyde Park
    • Parkside
    • Goodwood
    • Grange
    • West Beach
    • Tennyson
    • Seacliff
    • Semaphore Park
    • Brighton
    • Cowandilla
    • Exeter
    • Hilton
    • Rosslyn Park
    • Ashton
    • McLaren Flat
    • Stonyfell
    • Glenalta
    • Gawler


    How much time do you take to remove a car?
    We offer a same-day vehicle pickup service if we are not fully booked up for that day. Usually, it takes around 1 – 2 working days to buy and remove a car.
    What documents do you need?
    We will ask you to show us your valid ID card, driving license, and other vehicle ownership documents.
    Do you pay cash on the spot?
    We bring the cash with us, and after completing all the paperwork, we pay cash for cars on the spot.
    Does CashCarWreckers make an online offer for the car?
    No, we only offer obligation-free quotes online. However, if you want to receive an offer for your vehicle, call us to book an in-person evaluation today.
    Do I need to bring my vehicle to your branch to sell it?
    No, we offer customers FREE car removals from anywhere in SA. Simply fill our online quote form, and we will provide same-day car removal no matter where you are located.
    I no longer have keys to the car. Will you still buy it?
    Yes. As long as we know that the vehicle belongs to you, we will surely purchase it even if it’s not in running condition.
    What documents do I need to sell my car?
    You need to show us at the time of inspection the following documents:
    • Photo ID
    • Vehicle registration papers
    • Insurance papers
    How long will you take to pay me for the car?
    CashCarWreckers provide customers with instant cash in hand. Once you sign the required paperwork and transfer the vehicle’s title to us, we will pay you in cash without delay.
    Do you only pay cash?
    No, we can also pay customers via other methods such as cheques, bank transfers, etc.
    Do you operate all over South Australia?
    Yes, we have an experienced team of tow truck drivers that will remove your vehicle regardless of location. So where ever you are residing in SA, we will come to you and pay you cash up to $9,999 and remove your vehicle for FREE.
    I have some payments due for my car. Will you buy it?
    Yes, we can purchase your vehicle as long as the car’s value is more than the due amount. In this case, we will pay lenders the due amount to receive the letter of release and make the remaining payments to you.
    Do you require rego to purchase the car?
    No, we buy all types of cars with or without rego.
    Can I know beforehand how much I will be receiving for my car?
    Yes, we have an accurate quote calculator available on our website. Fill it with your vehicle details to receive an estimated value for your car.