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A Quick Guide to Find the Value of a Total Loss Car

Find the Value of a Total Loss Car

Meeting with a car accident is a traumatic experience in itself. But, after such an experience, dealing with the accident’s aftermath can be stressful. After facing such situations, most people don’t know what next step they should take.

In this blog, we have given a quick guide to finding the value of a total loss car. This will help you to move past your accident without any hassle.

How To Find The Value of A Total Loss Car?

Soon after suffering from a terrible accident, now you have a Totaled-Car in your hands. But what is a totaled vehicle?

A car is called “totaled” when it is unrepairable, or the expense of restoring it is higher than the vehicle’s value. An example of a totaled vehicle can be a car so destroyed that nothing of its parts is working condition or a car whose worth is $8000 but requires repairs for $12 000. In both circumstances, spending money on the car is a complete squander.

Is My Car Totaled? How to Use A Totaled-Car Value Calculator?

Though there is no easy way to figure out a Totaled-Car’s value, the following method will help provide a rough estimation.

Question the insurance company how much they will pay money for a Totaled-Car.

Most insurance agencies pay nearly 20% of its fair value for the severity of damage your car suffered. Of course, this kind of percentage varies from one insurance company to another. You can put it to use to get an idea regarding how much an insurance company is willing to pay.

What to Do If My Car is Declared to be a Total Damage?

If your car is declared a total loss, you have two options. Firstly, you can get it repaired. Secondly, sell it to cash car wrecker, Adelaide. If your decision is to give it to the wrecker, then do the following things:

  • Remove personal belongings and number plates from the car
  • Fill up out the necessary documents
  • Contact the wrecking company

After your car has the title of “totaled”, the insurance company will purchase the vehicle. If you want to maintain the car for personal reasons or repair it, you can get cover from the insurance company. But this way, you will receive less cash comparatively.

What should I do with the totaled car that does not run at all?

A car that does not run at all could be used to put profit your wallet. There are numerous ways to make money from your totaled or completely wrecked car.

Sell car components: DIY

You can get a good amount of money by selling the parts of the junk car. This method requires skills and know-how of car wrecking. If you think you can do it, sell the working car parts to local body stores. You may easily send the scrap metal to steel recyclers.

Trade-in a Totaled-Car to a scrap buyer

Car scrappers usually purchase destroyed, damaged, and rubbish cars for money in Adelaide and then use them for parts and metal. The best thing about these businesses is they look after all the paperwork. So, you can sell them your vehicle without worrying about the legalities of the process.

How much amount can I get from my totaled car?

The amount you can get for your vehicle depends upon the vehicle buyer you sell to. Every buyer uses its own method to calculate the importance of the vehicle. But the vital point to note is that you should choose a reliable car buyer.

One of the most reliable car buyers is in Adelaide. They are registered and have a license to wreck vehicles coming from all shapes and styles. So, if you have a totaled vehicle and want to earn top cash for it without undergoing the hassle of the company or private sale, choose car wrecker Adelaide.

They offer instant cash for totaled vehicles and provide free towing service as well.

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